Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Silence Begs To Be Broken

The Silence Begs To Be Broken

silence of a brand new morn
mourn the silence since Woody died
dyed to match the mood of the day
dey who understand me know
no, silence is not my enemy
in a me lies the answer
and sir, ...............

and the silence begs to be broken

written Tuesday evening, April 3, 2012

Author's note: The sound of silence doesn't change.  It is what we attach to the silence which changes the experience of the silent moment.  Sometimes, the silence is deafening, other times, silence is golden as the sunbeams stretching across the horizon on a dewy, spring morning, half hidden by puffy white clouds.  And yet, the silence speaks of tender words of love spoken in echos of memories held forever in the heart. Sometimes, when Woody and I were together, we were happily caught up in silence, cherishing the fact that we were together and words were inadequate to express the love that grew so beautifully between us.  And now, knowing no audible words will be spoken between us, I rely upon the silent memories of his tender, loving words to me, his only sister. God, I feel so privileged to have the honor of knowing him for these precious moments since we first met in 2008.  As I hear the clicking of my fingers upon these keys, I am comforted as true silence embraces me and I am at peace.  All is well; as well as it can be.

I hope the poem and my note above will help you rethink silence and what it means in your life.
Take care.  I must get to bed now.  I will listen to the silence before sleep overcomes me.  Love, Nan