Monday, December 28, 2009

The file, the hammer and the fire

Figuratively speaking, of course, there were times in my life God used his file to shape me and smooth my rough edges.  I recall as a child having a jagged finger nail that tore down to the quick.  Because of the current pain in my finger, I didn't want Mama to hold my hand and take the file to my throbbing finger.  As I resisted her attempt, her grip tightened a bit, holding me still.  I imagined as badly as it hurt, it was about to hurt even more.  It was a challenge for me to trust her and allow myself to relax under her experienced hands.  I had to endure the pain as she tenderly, gently filed the ragged nail smooth again.  She explained that my pain was only temporary and that, in time, the nail would grow normally, as it should.  She was right.  God is right when he takes his file to me and shapes and smoothes my rough edges.
I know there were times when God had to get out His hammer and chip away at the negative habits I had allowed to form in my life.  I have learned the hard way to instill positive habits in my life so it isn't necessary for God to use His hammer.  It has become second nature to be a positive person.  Hand me a negative and I will hand you a positive in return.  I won't allow my life to become consumed with negative influences, negative thoughts or negative actions.  I'm not perfect, but I can't remember the last time God took out His hammer and came toward me with it. 
The poem below explains how we are Refined By The Master's Hand.

Refined by the Master’s Hand
By: Nan Forehand

Refined by the Master’s hand.
Before Him humbly I stand.
Ready and willing, cleansed by His blood.
O’r my soul His spirit doth flood.
Held have I been midst hot fire.
Flames at me licked higher and higher.
Never His eyes did He take off me.
Burned away all impurity.
Coin of silver, shiny and bright.
Now God sees Himself in the light.
Not a moment too long in the flames.
With His loved ones He plays no games.
If in the heat today you must burn
upon you His eyes will turn.
One more soul to purify.
It’s found in the book of Malachi.

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  1. We may not always know if it is God's Hammer or an attack of Satan. But, as you so well note, God uses everything to our good when we are submitted to His will. St. Paul reminds us that "all things work together for our good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose." And to His glory! Your reminder to put negative thoughts aside and bring positive thoughts in their place is right on! A good New Year's resolution meant to be kept!