Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just A Taste - Psalm 34:8

(8) Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

Silent Night, Holy Night sung by Olivia Newton-John has been selected for your listening pleasure today.  Access it by clicking on the youtube link at the right of this page.

I take considerable time each morning or evening when I select the song from a Youtube video for you and I also take plenty of time preparing the message of the day.  This isn't something that I can or will rush through simply to get it posted and move on to the next thing.
Each inspirational quote, each passage from the Bible and each song I select to accompany the message is carefully and deliberately chosen for your maximum enjoyment and encouragement.  If I were not to find beauty and comfort from them, how, then can I expect you to find beauty and comfort from them.  Sometimes, I don't know what I am looking for, but I know it when I find it that "this is the one" and I get glory bumps on my skin or I get a familiar sensation through my body that I am where God has led me in preparing the message in its entirety. 
Through Nan's Calendar, I give you a taste of the goodness of the Lord and a taste of, perhaps, different styles of music/hymns than you are accustomed to hearing.  Likewise, I may include something that is known to you already and it is simply a moment of reflection of a special time in your life.  Whatever the case, I want you to enjoy a moment of solitude and a time of meditation as you sit at your computer (or through your blackberry) or whatever means you "tune in" to Nan's Calendar. 
In the busyness of your day, it is possible to "get away" for a little while and to be revived; to taste something good.  I want my efforts to leave a pleasant taste in your mouth.  I want you to leave your chair in a better mood than you were when you sat down at the computer. 
I am not shy about telling you what I want, because my motives are for your benefit.  Remember what I told you about JOY.  I want you to have JOY in your life......Jesus, Others, You, but be sure to take good care of you so that you can experience the ultimate benefits of having JOY in your life.
I want you to share Nan's Calendar with others.  Give them the address to the site.  When you do this, remember, you are doing it to glorify the Lord and to be a positive influence in another person's life.  It's really not about me.  It never was about me.  It is truly about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his love for all of humankind.  Encourage others with the encouragement you yourself have received.  What goes around comes around.  Give and it will be given unto you. 
I Want...

I want all the world to know
Jesus loves them so
I want all the world to feel
in their heart Jesus is real
I want all the world to believe
eternal life they can receive
I want all the world to have peace
all this fighting and fear to cease
I want all the world to have restful sleep
know the joy so their hearts will leap
I want all the world to resist the devil
their path would be straight and level
we don't always get what we want
so the blessings I have I will not flaunt
I'll pray for the world each day
God will touch their lives in a special way

poem written by Nan Forehand August 26, 2006

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