Monday, December 14, 2009

Nothing Is Impossible With God - Luke Chapter One

Take time to read the first chapter of Luke.  Many of you already know the story of Mary and the angel Gabriel, but it is timeless reading.  Nothing is impossible with God!

Quote of the Day
I was raised in Dark Shadows,
suffering Northern Exposure.
And As the World Turns
I would spend the Days of Our Lives
Seeking to become one of
The Bold and the Beautiful,
But only became one of
The Young and the Restless.

In a desperate Search for Tomorrow
I headed out for Another World,
But instead ended up on
The Edge of Night in General Hospital.

Then Jesus Christ, my Guiding Light,
Brought me through my Secret Storm.
He said, "Come share with Me in My Dynasty,
Become one of All My Children
And I will give you One Life to Live."
Lee Ezell taken from her book entitled Finding God When Life's Not Fair

Taste your sorrow, but don't waste it.  Make it count for something good.  Yes, there are times in our lives when we utter those words "it's not fair....."  Sometimes, we want to scream out those words, but they are locked in our throat.  Because we humans are near-sighted when it comes to the big picture (spiritually speaking), and because our peripheral vision is limited (spiritually speaking), we can't expect to see all that God sees.  After all, He is God and we are merely human beings having spiritual experiences or are we spiritual beings having human experiences?  Think about that for a while. 
Your experiences don't define you. They are simply experiences based on action and reaction.  There is only one you on the face of the earth and no one else will ever have the exact same experiences as you have had or will have.  However, because of your own personal experiences, God will place someone else in your path at some point who will need your help.    Because of your ability to understand what that person is going through, you will be able to relate to that person in such a way as no other person is able.
If you're lonely, ask for God's will in your relationships with the opposite sex and then believe (meaning-don't doubt Him) that He is bringing someone into your life to be your friend and companion.  Be patient in the meantime and don't exclude yourself from activities.  Be willing to step out when you feel like staying in.
If you're grieving the loss of a loved one, honor that special person by stepping out and sharing heartwarming stories and particular memories with someone else.  Attend group gatherings designed to help you get through this time of grief.  When we reach out beyond our own grief to be there for someone else who is suffering, our own suffering is lessened and we have helped to lift the burden from another.
If you're having financial problems, tell your problems how big is your God.  Imagine yourself living abundantly and having more than enough to get by.  Use your imagination for positive outcome and not negative outcome.  Yes, we all have negative thoughts, but don't waste your energy pondering them to the point of ruminating over what you don't have.  Use the imagination God gave you in a positive way.  It is a gift from Him. Imagine a positive "what if" instead of imagining a negative "what if".
Tell yourself what it is that you want instead of telling yourself what you don't want.  Sometimes we make a mistake of thinking we're being selfish when we say what we want.  God knows the desires of your heart.  He wants to bless you abundantly, but you have to want His blessings and you have to believe His truths.  He really, truly wants to bless your heart and your life. 
This Christmas will be like no other Christmas you have ever experienced before.  There are wonderful memories about to be made that you aren't even aware of at this moment.  Believe in the miracle of Christmas this year as you have never believed before.  Resist the urge to keep to yourself this Christmas.  Do attend the Living Nativity program.  Do visit the shut in's and go to the nursing home with the choir and sing Christmas carols to the seniors who can no longer sing and may be hard of hearing.  Do go to church for the Christmas Eve service or special candlelight service.  Do bake some goodies for someone who least expects it of you. 
Step out beyond your self and put your ego in its proper place.  Feel your spirit rise up as never before.  As your spirit rises and your ego slips down, you experience peace in your heart.  Yes, there can be peace on earth.  Let it begin in me.  I want peace in my life.  Got peace?
So let it be.  Love, Nan


  1. Thank you. I think you'll understand when you read my LfrL for today. Bless you my friend.

  2. Here one can always find words of engouragement
    as was todays calendar

    much love

    "Greater is He that is within me than he that is in the world"; from 1Jn4

  3. Thank you, Nan, for your blog! I read it real often and it always speaks to me.