Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Sound Heart

A sound heart is life to the body.
Proverbs 14:30

As I write this message, my brother, Woody, is in the hospital after having a heart attack last Friday.  He is still in the Intensive Care Unit.  We went to visit him yesterday and thankfully found him to be cheerful and laughing easily.  He was much improved from the day before.  He will probably be taken to another hospital in a few days, depending on the test results. 
I am so very thankful Woody has a "sound heart".  His physical heart is in need of medical attention, but I know he is a Christian and loves the Lord.  He is praising the Lord with every beat of his heart. 
Woody and I only met for the first time in our lives two years ago.  By the miracle of God through Allen, my husband, Woody and I have discovered each other after all these years apart.  It's a long story; too long to go into detail here, but it is a true love story, nonetheless.  We are all so thankful God brought us together.  Woody was 19 years old when I was born.  He never knew he had a sister until that fateful day when I called his home number and left a message on his phone stating that I truly am his sister.  Because of his love of God and mine, when we finally spoke on the phone for the first time, he knew I was his sister.  Ours has been a precious and rare love since that time. 
Yes, he is in the hospital after having a heart attack, but we aren't worried about God's plans and what the future holds regarding his health.  Our hearts are sound and so is our faith.  Though his heart is weak, his faith is strong.  For some, the heart is strong, but the faith is weak.  God takes our weakness and strengthens us.  How strong is your heart and how strong is your faith.  If either is weak, ask God to come into your heart and make you whole and strong enough for each challenge that comes your way. 
Take care and be strong!  Love, Nan

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