Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Silent Gratitude Isn't Much Use To Anyone

Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone. 
G. B. Stern

The quote above was printed in a book I was given today by a very special lady God brought into my life.  "Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone," Stern said.  I have worked side by side with this incredible lady, Gloria, for two years and today she wanted me to know how much she appreciated me and gave me the book and a beautiful bookmark.  It is I who am so grateful for her presence and positive influence in my life these past two years.  She knows me very well.  In fact, she pointed out a particular page in the book and asked me to read it aloud.  "My inclination is to say, 'You shouldn't have,' but knowing you as I do, you'll just shrug and act as if your gift was no big deal.  Someone with a heart as big as yours deserves more than a simple thanks.  So I want to say.....YOU BLESSED MY SOCKS OFF!' "  I read these words to her as I remembered the gift I had given her a few weeks ago.  It was a 12 month desk calendar entitled "Nan's Calendar 2010" with photos I had taken and a special bible verse on each page.  I gave it to her because I wanted her to have it.  The day I gave it to her was like most any other day.  It wasn't her birthday or other significant occasion.  It was simply the day I decided to give it to her. 
I'm sharing this story with you today, not to swell up my own head, but to recognize Gloria for the sweet, kindhearted lady to whom I am so grateful for so many reasons.  The gift of the calendar to her was a token of my appreciation for her and the many acts of kindness she has so freely bestowed upon myself and others. 
Please continue to pray for Sharon Lowry and my brother, Woody. You may want to read those messages recently devoted to them and my requests for prayers on their behalf.

Below this message is a link I have included for you today.  You simply must take time to watch this youtube video to the very end.  I received a comment today from my friend, Geneva, which included the link.  It is totally a God-thing that I received both the gift from Gloria and the youtube video from Geneva today.  This is God's message to all of us.  First and foremost, let God know of your gratitude to Him for all He has given you and all He has done for you and for all He will do for you.  Remember, silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.
I am grateful to you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read Nan's Calendar.  It is written with love in a grateful heart for you and all you mean to me.  You didn't have to visit this blog today.  You came for a visit because you wanted to come and I appreciate your visit.  Please come again any time.  The contents of each message is a mystery until God reveals it to me.

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