Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Soar With The Eagle, My Son

On Saturday evening, Aug. 21, 2010, at 7pm, the Eagle Scout Court of Honor convened and our son, John was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout.  It was a beautiful candlelight ceremony held in our church, attended by 75 friends and family.  Until that night, John didn't know I had written the poem I am sharing with you tonight.  My part in his ceremony was a surprise for him.  I spoke privately with the Master of Ceremony shortly before the court convened and shared with him that I wanted a moment at the podium.  Coming from a person who is not known as a public speaker, I shared my poem, bringing emotion and tears to the eyes of some as they listened to a mother's heart being spilled out before God and everyone present.  Allen's dad, John's Grandpa, who is also an Eagle Scout, presented John with the Eagle Scout award.  I wrote the poem January 9th, before John went before the Eagle Scout Board of Review, with Paul Lowry in attendance in the board room with John.  We owe Paul a great debt for his devotion and dedication to scouting and his trememdous support of John.  Paul was unable to attend the ceremony as he is constantly by Sharon's side.  Be sure to take a look at the photo I have included for you of John and I in an embrace with my Allen looking on in delight.
Our pastor opened the ceremony with a word of prayer and lifted up Paul and Sharon as they continue in need of prayer.

A Psalm for My Son, John

(Soar With The Eagle, My Son)
Oh Lord, most gracious God
You search my mind and my heart.
My innermost desires have always been known to You.
How great the blessings You have bestowed upon me.
My soulmate, my daughter and my son are priceless and cherished.
I praise You for the blessings of family and friends.
Today, I give praise and honor to You, oh God,
for the blessing of my son in my life.
Before he came forth into this world,
You knew his destiny.
As much as I love him,
You love him more.
All the days of his life
instruct him in the way he should go.
Impart unto him love, knowledge, wisdom,
compassion, and strength of character.
May his integrity never be breached.
May Your good and Holy Spirit lead him
on level ground all the days of his life.
Though he is human and he will make mistakes,
I trust You, oh God, to fulfill Your purpose for his life.
Through those times when he does the things
he doesn't want to do and doesn't do the things
he wants to do, love him and forgive him when he fails you.
My son is a heritage from You, Most Precious Lord.
May he always and forever be secure as he daily puts his faith in You.
He knows his life is in Your hands.
Mould him and shape him into the man he is becoming.
Your promise preserves his life.
Keep evil far from him.
As he travels through this earthly life
keep a hedge of protection around him.
Lord, my son is a delight to my soul and he gives me peace.
My heart sings as he wraps me up in a tender embrace of love.
Lord, give him wings to soar with the eagle.
Direct his steps in the way he should go.
Shine Your light into his inmost being.
Use his life as an example of Your unfailing love.
My soul rejoices for my son is a rare gem
being polished by my Lord and Savior.
As he matures into manhood and becomes husband
and father himself, lead him, guide him, and direct
him in all he says and does so that his words
and his actions are pleasing unto You.
Heavenly Father, in You, I put my hope and my trust.
With absolute faith and with no room for doubt,
I will honor You and praise You all the days
of my life. You are worthy, Lord. You are worthy.
So let it be.

written by Nan Forehand
Saturday, January 9, 2010

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