Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Quiet Mind

To the quiet mind all things are possible.  What is a quiet mind?  A quiet mind is one which nothing weighs on, nothing worries, which, free from ties and from all self-seeking, is wholly merged into the will of God and dead as to its own.  Such a one can do no deed however small but it is clothed with something of God's power and authority.  Meister Eckhart

God's power and authority is truly over our lives.  As I told you about my brothers being scattered across the country, I didn't tell you where they were in my youth and where they reside today.  In the days of my youth, they served as young men in our armed forces and eventually settled, two in California and one in New York.  I grew up in rural southeastern North Carolina.  As the years passed, God began to bring them closer to the east coast.  I married Allen and went to Germany for eight and a half years.  Two brothers moved to Wilmington, NC.  The other remained in New York all these years. 
God brought us back to the U.S. and continued to work for good in our lives.  One brother moved still closer, even though neither one of us knew it at the time.  Allen retired from the Air Force after serving for 24 years and we moved back home to North Carolina.  God had relocated my brother to merely an hour away from me.  Wilmington is a few hours away.  It would be several years before God's plan would be revealed to us all. 
Even when we have no clue, God is working for good in our lives.  That is what having faith is all about.  Believe the impossible is possible through God's power and authority over all things and all circumstances.  I believe there is no such thing as coincidence.  Everything happens for a reason and for a purpose. 
When we allow our minds to be quiet our being opens up to a whole new realm of possibilities.  Let go of anything that is negative and let God's positive power and authority reign supremely over your life.  Trust me, you will see results you never imagined possible.  I get excited just thinking about it!
Have a wonderful day!

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