Friday, February 25, 2011

God's Law of Supply

When you center your mind on God and on His truth and abundance, good things will flow toward you rather than away from you.
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

I remember when I ceased to be a worrier.  It was when my Air Force husband, Allen, had been given an assignment to Istanbul, Turkey.  He was to be gone from us for a one year remote assignment.  I had to make a conscious decision to focus my energy and attention on God and to trust Him completely for all our needs, at home and abroad.  When I began to live in the light of His truth and let go of the negative "what if's", I realized I had stopped worrying.  It has been a most wondrous, continuous blessing to not worry.  Sure, I have concerns at times, but I have learned to face the unknown with hope.  The continuous flow of positive energy, positive thoughts, and positive actions overpower any negative that appears as a brief thought.  Yes, the negative thoughts come, but I release them immediately and replace them, instead with positive ones.  As I commit my energy and efforts to Him, I am blessed.   God's bounty of prosperity and love encircles me like a soft, warm blanket wrapped around me.  Within His loving will, I have all I need because of God's law of supply.

Face the Unknown with Hope

By: Nan Forehand

Many times over the years
life is glimpsed through bitter tears.
A wretched existence with no hope,
clinging to a single tenuous thread.
‘Tis a lonely place
a dark, worldly abyss.
O to be cherished by one
so worthy and true;
a love strong enough to unlock
the shackles of fear surrounding a heart.
A miracle to behold
to leave fear at His feet
Nevermore in a corner to cower.
Instead, kneeling humbly in the light
of a love wondrous and bright,
with trembling hands
folded close to the heart
words trickle out
as a clear mountain stream.
In return, transformed by love and peace
eager to serve and spread The Word.
Love and encouragement to all
repaid a hundred times over.
That dark, worldly abyss
no longer to exist.

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