Wednesday, March 30, 2011

and remember your rear view mirrors

While it is true that a car windshield is large compared to rear view mirrors, there is just one windshield, while there are three rear view mirrors, placed for good safety reason.  Accidents happen when people foolishly ignore using those rear view mirrors.  (a quote from an interested and highly respected reader)

The quote refers to the message published here on the blog yesterday entitled Keep Your Windshield Clean.  It took me 45 minutes to write yesterday's message and my focus, as you know if you read it, was not about the rear view mirrors.  By the time I finished writing the message, I had 15 minutes left to get ready and leave the house for work.  I want you to know I invest a great deal of time and effort in writing devotionals because you are worth it.   Sometimes my housework is left undone and my dishes remain in the sink.  Those things can wait.  It's not the end of the world if my house is a bit messy and the dishes sit in the sink.  It would be a tragedy, however, if I am remiss in my responsibility to God to do my best to listen to His will and act accordingly, including taking time and effort to write something to you that may help you in your own relationship with Christ.  My own relationship with Christ is strengthened each and every time I sit down and am still long enough to meditate on God's Holy Word and His direction for my life.  Writing all this down makes it all the more meaningful than simply thinking about it.
My dear friend felt it important enough to write me his thoughts as you see above and I respect him enough to share with you his perspective.  In his few words, he spoke words of wisdom.  "Accidents happen when people foolishly ignore using those rear view mirrors."
We can also surmise that should a person look too long in the rear view mirror, he or she could hit the car directly in front or worse yet, cross the center line and cause a head on collision.  I'm sure we can all think of other scenarios which can be just as deadly.  I think two very important points to all of this is maintaining proper balance in looking ahead and reflecting upon what is behind and keeping a safe distance from potential harm.
Yes, we need to reflect on what is behind us, because of the importance of reflection.  We can only reflect upon something that is behind us.  We see a reflection through the mirror, but we see through the glass.  However, there are times we look through the glass, but we don't see what is in front of us.

Dear Lord,
Be with us today as we leave our homes and go out into the world.  Thank you for giving us common sense to make wise decisions.  Thank you for the gift of Your protection (the windshield between us and the world).  Thank you also, for the gift of reflection in the rear view mirror that You placed there for good safety reason.  Lord, help us to see clearly through the windshield of life so that we don't miss a thing.  Help us, also to remember to look in the rear view mirrors of life and keep everything in the proper perspective so that we are safe from harm.  Help us be ever mindful of the potential for harm and keep us safe on our journey so that we may be of greater service to You and others.  In Your precious name I pray.  Amen

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  1. I was also reminded in another place this 30th day of March NOT to let yesterday's failures mar tomorrows efforts in the Lord. That's easy to do when you can't seem to put something out of your mind even though it's been confessed and forgiven.