Friday, June 17, 2011

On The Harley With Allen

Author's note: I want to share with you the sights as I enjoy a late spring evening ride with Allen.  Good dinner at Ruby Tuesday, good company, good ride.  Good life!  Such a great way to spend the evening with my wonderful husband!

I also want you to know that when something moves you write it down, write it down, write it down!  Later on your written recollection of a special time will become timeless and precious to loved ones yet to be born.  Don't ever take one moment for granted.  Don't ever take your loved ones for granted.  Cherish each moment together.  You are living today.  Make today count for something good.  Remember that you are loved.

On The Harley With Allen   

written by Nan Forehand
 June 17, 2011

Best buds bring each other bliss

Especially exciting

Gladly gather gear and go

Motorcycle man and me

Cruising clean country crossroads

Majestic mountains move me

Bountiful breeze blows my blouse

Playful puppies prancing proudly

Fancy-free foal frolicking

Gorgeous gladiolas grow

Daylilies dot the ditch bank

Carefree cotton candy clouds

Corn crop craves condensation

Gathering goats graze the grass

Tapping to the tasteful tunes

Cud chewing cows cast their cares

Random rhymes run rampantly

Riding – relaxed, refreshed

Living, laughing, loving life

Happy hearts heading for home

Home again, home again

Frog a leap, frog a leap!!

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