Friday, December 30, 2011

Bears In My Attic!

Bears In My Attic

Written by Nan Forehand
Thursday, December 29, 2011
There are bears in my attic!
I’m really quite ecstatic!
More than two hundred!
Yes, that’s what I said!
Some cuddly and some not so much
Sparkles in their eyes and soft to the touch
Red bears, blue bears, Winnie the Pooh bears
To see these bears you have to go upstairs
Some cotton candy white, others dark brown
Hundreds you’ll see, but not one with a frown
Been doin’ more than wishin’
I’m a woman on a God given mission
Boyds, Bearington, Dakin, Gund and Gerber
they will help a child rest; no need for Dr. Ferber
his sleep method we won’t need to use
take away the fear and a child will snooze
washed top to bottom and behind the ears
known to bring comfort and dry little tears
people have donated bears or given me money
that’s what I call generosity, honey
I love to shop and I love teddy bears
A cartload of bears brings smiles and stares
Of Nan’s good will bears, I’ll share the story
To comfort a sick child and give God the glory!

Author’s note: Since the first delivery of Nan’s good will bears to the Iredell Memorial Hospital Emergency Room on July 22, 2011, more than 200 bears have been given to sick children and some adults as appropriate.  God has provided more than 553 teddy bears as of December 29, 2011.  Just when I think “Wow! Can it get any better than this?”, God says,  “Wait, there’s more!  It gets better than this!”
I’m excited! How about you?

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