Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Blank Canvas - 2 Corinthians 5:17

A blank canvas is a holy thing. Each moment, each day, it’s yours.
Author Unknown

(17) Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

As a new day begins, we are as a blank canvas.  God is the master artist.  He holds the palette, the paint and the brushes.  Based on each word we speak, each tone we use, each decision we make, God lays the brush strokes on, not only our lives, but the life of each person we touch.  Our canvas is a reflection of our true colors?  Are we helping others see their own true colors?  We are all a masterpiece in the making.  Mama used to say "pretty is as pretty does".  I want the colors on my canvas to be pretty and bright, but even the dark colors are necessary in order to show depth. 
Where others see a dark, drab world, I see a world of great beauty each and every day.  God not only paints the canvas of our lives, he also paints the canvas of the world around us.  It's up to us as to how we interpret what we see.  Sometimes, we are standing too close to truly absorb the beauty.  We need to step back and ask God to help us see the true colors on the canvas as he sees them.  What do you see when you see me? 
Be sure to notice the photo of Meadow Lake in the right margin and go down to the bottom of this page to see another breathtaking sunrise on the lake.  I've seen my reflection on this beautiful lake many times.  It's a piece of heaven on earth to me.

True Colors

By: Nan Forehand

used to be, but no longer shy
give me a moment and I'll tell you why
for years, others saw brown and gray
unknowing eyes glanced and turned away
didn't realize the depth of the prism within
buried deep inside because of the wrongness of sin
ever so gently Allen peeled away the layers so drab
genuine beauty crafted by God - not created in a lab
on our first date, he could barely get me to talk
forever and always, beside him I'll walk
God told him to look beyond the gray
he must have known his destiny that day
reached way down deep inside
brought to light the colors of his new bride
pure honesty - color of white
thanks to God he saw the light
laughter and joy to share - the color is teal
this love of ours is true and real
love in our hearts - the color of red
November twelfth - the day we wed
warmth to care - glowing hue of yellow
dear me - such a handsome young fellow
a bit of solitude - the color of blue
reflection in the light of this lovely hue
keeping it all in check - the color green
no room here for jealousy or being mean
loyalty that knows no time
the last color is purple in my rhyme
my true colors you now see
because my love believes in me
I'm not afraid and I'm not shy
you've listened well and I've told you why

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