Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Wellspring of Life - Proverbs 4:23

Quote of the Day
But God tells us that it is even more important to guard our hearts. If we don't it can lead to spiritual ruin! Who we are in Christ is being formed in our hearts. If we let them be filled with perverse or unrighteous things we live at odds to God's purposes. Caesar Kalinowski, Pastor

(23) Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

This metaphor for the heart is one of great import.  I'm talking about the heart of the human spirit, not the organ itself.  In biblical times, it was thought that the heart was the source of intelligence.  It was believed that life-changing decisions were made in the heart.  Just as water can become polluted and not fit to drink, so too, can our thinking become corrupted if not securely guarded.  Thoughts lead to words.  Words lead to actions.  Caught up in the middle are the emotions that either stir things up or have a calming effect on us and others around us. 
I wrote the poem/song last year.  It speaks of more than our spiritual heart.  It speaks of our whole spiritual self....the very essence of the soul.  I believe that someday it will be set to music.  As you read the words, let them come from your very soul and sing it with your own special melody. 
Guard your heart.  Let only goodness enter and only goodness will come forth. Have a wonderful day in the Lord!  Love, Nan

My Spirit
By: Nan Forehand

mind of my spirit, teach me today
now I beseech thee, teach me to pray
ears of my spirit, oh let me hear
footsteps of Jesus, he is near
eyes of my spirit, open for me
to see my Savior, oh let it be
feet of my spirit, don't fail me now
take me to Jesus, take me somehow
heart of my spirit, open wide
please Jesus enter, come inside
hands of my spirit, lift high in praise
ready to praise You all of my days
voice of my spirit, teach me to speak
though I am humble, lowly and meek
others must know, dear, others must know
my love for others, you must show
teach them to love me, teach them today
so lost and lonely, show them the way

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