Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Power Of Positive Intangibles

The power of positive intangibles is incredible and changes lives.  These intangibles, we take for granted every day, without realizing their awesome power.  We must do more than read about them and talk about them.  We must exercise them daily in order for their power to be unleashed.  Such intangibles are prayer, relaxation, laughter, meditation, listening to beautiful, relaxing music, just to name a few. 
There is nothing new under the sun.  I'm probably not telling you something you haven't heard before.  But, sometimes we need to be reminded of the simple truths that have held such power for countless ages.  When we've heard sage advice from someone we trust, telling us, "don't worry, it will be alright" or "relax and let it go" or "loosen up and laugh a little", maybe we should take their advice and "just do it". 
We have power inside of us.  When we pray, let's ask God to prepare us to unleash the power within, believing there really is power within, and believe He will do just that.  Then, we can put that power into action.  Funny thing, it doesn't cost a dime.  All it takes is our time, effort and believing, first in God, and in ourselves.  Another funny thing, this power is as close as our own breath 24/7. 
Take care and have a great day!  Use your power!  Love, Nan

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