Friday, April 30, 2010

Letting Go of the Past

It is God's will that we move forward in our lives in fulfillment of His purposes.  One of the great deterrents of emotional healing is being anchored to past pain, injustice, and struggles.  The enemy's strategy is to lock us in our negative pasts.  It is the only true weapon he can use to block our progress.  If he can cause us to concentrate on where we have been instead of where we are going, he can interrupt God's will for us.
David G. Evans from his book entitled Healed Without Scars

Today's quote is a prime example of God leading me to the exact message He wants to send out into the world today.  God truly knows my heart.  Today's message is evidence of that very fact.  None of us are perfect.  We all have a past and parts of the past aren't pretty.  In fact, ugly.  Admission of sin, asking for forgiveness, forgiving self  and others, letting go of guilt and shame are paramount in moving forward and letting go of the past. 
There are particular feelings I don't like.  I'm sure no one really likes to feel guilty about anything.  God allows us the ability of a vast range of feelings and emotions so that we can understand that bad feelings of guilt and shame go hand in hand with doing or saying things that are contrary to how God wants us to lead our lives.  I have felt guilt and shame before.  I make a conscious effort to not do or say things that will bring about those feelings.  Sometimes, I fail.  If left to fester, they will manifest themselves in untold ways to destroy us.
As well, I have been on the mountaintop before.  There are those of you who know exactly the mountaintop to which I refer.  You are sitting there smiling because you have been there. 
There will be negatives and positives throughout our lives.  As my Mama used to say with a twinkle in her eye in her soft, southern drawl, "as long as the good outweighs the bad, everything will turn out alright."
Let go of anything that is dragging you down and keeping you from fulfilling God's purpose for your life. 
Take care and move forward today.  Love, Nan
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