Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Final Change

Yesterday's message regarding change triggered a comment.  I could have simply taken a chance that someone might notice the entry, but I feel its worth and importance can not and must not be left to chance that someone "might" catch interest and read it.
To the sender of the comment I want to say a deep, heartfelt thank you for taking the time and effort to send the comment and poem.  I did Google your brother and was delighted to find him at the site of Fellowship of Christian Poets  and read his profile.  It is my honor and privilege to post his poem here today for all to read and meditate upon his insightful words.  Give my best wishes to Mr. Adams and thank you again so much for responding to yesterday's message. 

Anonymous said...

As you may have heard, we who are older do not like a lot of change. You might be interested in a poem written by an older brother of mine.

Our Final Change

Here on earth we make many changes,
We live here, work there, do different things.
But one day we will cease to change.
We'll live in Heaven with the King of Kings.

Here we don't have a lot of control
Over our future, but depend on others.
We have to depend on the lives of many,
But soon, just on our Lord - our Elder Brother.

What a wonderful time we will have up there
With all the saints, the Angels and our Lord.
We will always be sure of the future,
As He has promised in His wonderful Word.

Here on earth we have very little security.
We have to depend on many things.
But, up there we'll have absolute security,
Based on the love of the King of Kings.

William Oren Adams
Plano , TX
United States of America

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