Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love
by:  Nan Forehand

Can anything in the world compare to
the look of love on a mother's face?

Can the hug from any other person
warm your heart and soul as a mother's hug?

Can any other speak the language of love
in the same way as a mother?

Can it be that a mother's love
will ever die or be forgotten?

Can there ever be a sweeter sound
than laughter from a mother's lips?

If your Mother is not here - cherish her memories
and share them with someone.
If your Mother is here - cherish her now.
The time you spend with her today

will be a memory tomorrow.
Create happy memories today.

(c) 2008
Author's Note: My Mama died 25 years ago and not a day goes by that I don't think of her and cherish our short time together.  I was 24 years old when she died.  Yes, 24 years is a short time together.  One of our most favorite memories was going to a nearby strawberry field to pick a big bunch of strawberries the day before Mother's Day and prepare them for the freezer to enjoy throughout winter.   Yesterday, my own daughter, Ashley and I carried on our tradition.  We went berry picking early in the morning and fixed our bunch of strawberries to bring a taste of springtime to the bleak midwinter.   Every time I see or think of strawberries or smell them, I think of Mama.  Ashley and I made a very special memory yesterday and we carried on a tradition that began with Mama and me many years ago.
Make special memories that will last a lifetime.  Life is short.  Don't waste a minute of it.
Love, Nan and to all "Happy Mother's Day"

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