Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beauty Abounds Around And About

A rose must remain with the sun and the rain or its lovely promise won't come true.

Ray Evans
It absolutely thrills me beyond words to capture God's beautiful rose for you to enjoy!  I have been up early this morning taking photos of my roses and I have a treasure to share with you!!!  You have to take a look at the orange rose in my Nan's Flowers blog.  Remember, the link is shown to the right of this page in the My Favorite Links section.  This rose actually grows alongside a deep red rose.  The fascinating part is that they share the same root system. 
I love this quote today.  It speaks to me of all of us, too.  We will have bright days filled with sunshine and smiles.  As well, we must have days of drear and rain, sadness and despair in order for God's promise for us to come true.  Don't despair when it rains in your garden of life.  Rather, rejoice in the rain.  Dance in the rain, for with the rain and sunshine, your rose will surely bloom and God's promises for you will surely blossom into greater beauty than your human mind can imagine!!!
Have a wonderful day come what may!
Love, Nan

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