Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stay Away From Negative Drivers

The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder - a waif, a nothing, a no man.
Thomas Carlyle

By the title of today's message, I think you believe the subject is about being out on the highway with drivers who exhibit road rage.  That's not the case today.  I'm talking about the negative drivers that influence your direction in life.  Such drivers are guilt, resentment, anger, fear and the need for approval. 
People ridden with guilt bring about self-inflicted pain and suffering.  The past need not control the future.  Don't let guilt be the driving force that manipulates your life.  There is little success to be had in life when guilt is the driver.
You will blow up eventually when resentment and anger become the drivers.  You were already on the stage and completed the original performance, good or bad.  Why go through life rehearsing the play again and again?  You can't change the past.  It's over and done.  Learn from it and release it as dust blown from your hands.
I think you get the picture.  Stay away from negative drivers.  Keeping close to them won't bring success, happiness or prosperity.  Turn, rather, to positive drivers and learn from them.  The greatest driver of all is the love of God.  God has a purpose for your life.  Turn to Him and release all the negative influences to Him and He will reveal to you His purpose for your life.  Be alert and be prepared.  You may find yourself bucking and snorting when He reveals it to you.  Suck it up and take a deep breath and move forward in God's purpose for your life!  Remember, I speak with a soft voice and love in my heart each and every time I speak to you.  I'm not here to scold or preach.  I may not be your mother and I'm certainly not your preacher.  I'm here to be a positive influence.  Take care and be safe out there!  Love, Nan

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