Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To God Be The Glory

The glory of God is a human being fully alive!
St. Irenaeus

As I wrote the title for today's message I instantly remembered a favorite hymn of the same name.  It is sung with energy and passion.  God wants us to be passionate about bringing glory to Himself.  That is why He created bring Him glory.  We bring Him glory in countless ways when we put Him in His proper place in our the center of everything we say and everything we do.  The smallest, most insignificant task brings Him glory when we do it with a happy heart and give Him the honor and recognition so deserving our Creator. 
With Godly motivation, we find ourselves on a higher plane of potential.  When we worship Him privately and publicly, He is pleased.  When we love, not only our close family members and friends, but those who seem unlovable, God smiles upon us.  As we grow in our own spiritual maturity, and all our lives, develop our Godly character, we honor Him.  As God gives each one of us spiritual gifts, talents, abilities and specific skills, not for our own gain, but to serve others, God is pleased.  It is our responsibility and we are accountable to Him to manage these gifts with all the strength we possess.  When we think our strength is gone, God understands and supplies more strength, not before we need it, but exactly as much strength as we need  when we need to be strengthened.  It is no secret that God wants others to hear the Good News.  When we share our own faith story with someone, we give glory to God.  When we take a tragedy and give it a new meaning, God is well pleased.  We all have experienced tragedies in life.  It is understandably human to take on the worst possible outlook rather than to search for the Heavenly truth that is wrapped up inside the tragedy.  In every tragedy, trial, problem, suffering in life, therein lies the Godly insight, the success, the solution and the healing that only comes from asking God to reveal the mystery to us.  He reveals truths to us when we are open and ready to accept them. 
We are all a masterpiece in progress.  Though we know we all fall short of the glory of God, resist the temptation to look down on your own self.  Accept the fact that we were made for God's purposes.  Live.  Do more than merely exist.  Fully live.  God made us to last forever.  None of us is an accidental human.  We were created on purpose and for a purpose.  Accepting our failings and asking God for forgiveness is the way.  Believe Jesus died on the cross and paid our sin debt.  Receive forgiveness from the Lord.  He offers it with open arms.  Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior if you haven't done so.  Nurture unbelievers and share the Good News.  This all brings glory to God.  To Him Be The Glory!  Amen!   Hopefully this youtube link will work for you to listen to the song I mentioned earlier.  If not, search youtube to find it.  I'm sure you will be motivated and activated!  To God Be The Glory!

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