Monday, June 7, 2010

What Do You See?

The Lord and I had an amazing encounter with a young man this afternoon.  I couldn't go to bed without sharing the story with you.  It was this afternoon in my office.  I work for a psychiatrist and a young man was before me to schedule a follow up appointment.  I have known him for at least two years in my limited capacity sitting at my desk, scheduling his appointments, calling in his meds, listening to him when he needed to talk.  Today was priceless.  I knew he was deeply troubled.  I sensed it.  By the grace of God, I asked him for his hand and he gave it to me.  Tears ran down his face as he told me he had turned from God too many times.  I told him that God has always loved him and He loves him now.  As I quietly witnessed to him, the tears continued to fall down his cheeks.  He's just a young guy and he needs your prayers.  I'll call him Mitch.  That's not his real name, but when you pray for him, God will know who you're talking about.  Please do pray for him.  He had to get a ride from his dad to get to the appointment. he also owes the doctor a lot of money.  He's paying it back a little at a time.  We haven't turned him away because of the high bill or taken him to collections.  The doctor is still seeing him and we're all doing the best we can to help him.   A while later in the afternoon, we checked the phone messages and there was a message from Mitch.  He wanted me to know how much he appreciated the things I said to him.  He was still crying when he got into the pick up truck after our conversation.  His dad wanted to know why he was crying and Mitch told him of our conversation.  His dad told him "the words came from that lady's mouth, but it was the Lord talking to you, Mitch."  My co worker and I felt moved to the point of tears.   She witnessed the conversation between God, Mitch and myself as we quietly held hands and I spoke to him of God's love for him.  She drew the attention of a lady waiting to be scheduled as Mitch and I talked quietly.  I believe the lady patient heard us talking and I believe God wanted her to hear and to witness our conversation, also.  I believe Mitch heard God's voice when I spoke with him.  I hope he saw God's face instead of mine.  What did he see when he saw me?  It's a mystery.  Allow God to use you to witness to others and to give them hope.  I told Mitch that I believe in him, among other things I've not shared here with you tonight.  It's almost 11:30 pm and I could be in bed right now.......all in good time.  God will see to it that I get enough rest.  Before laying my head down on my pillow, I had to know you have access to this message.  Take care.  I believe in God; I believe in Mitch and I believe in you.  Love, Nan

What Do You See?

Heavenly Father above
Do I make you proud and show enough love?
what do you see when you see me?

Do others see your reflection when they gaze into my eyes?
Lord keep me away from things You despise.
What is it about me You like the least?

Do I talk to You enough for you to recognize my voice?
Do I praise You so much You smile and rejoice?
What is it about me You'd like to change?

Do I succeed on Your behalf to those despondent?
Self-confident...or mature enough to be God-confident?
What is it about me You love the most?

They say "if you're not sure, just ask."
Lord, I know You're up to the task.
I feel like a child asking twenty questions...

What do You see when you see me?
Do You ever get tired of me asking questions?
One day You and I are going to have a nice long talk...

written October 25, 2005
by Nan Forehand

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  1. I think that if we just be REAL in Christ, He will use us as long as WE don't get in the way. God bless you, Nan!