Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love and Prayers of Intercession

Love comes out of Heaven, unasked and unsought. Pearl Buck

Just as love comes out of Heaven, unasked and unsought, so to are these daily messages of love and encouragement coming your way. This is the same way it is with blessings from God when He surprises us with an unexpected delight. The greatest gift of all is when we realize it came from Him and we thank Him for it.
Some of you are very new to Nan's Calendar, while others have received my love notes regularly since God called me to share them with you in 2007.  With each comment you send my way, I am also encouraged and uplifted; yes, for myself, though not in a selfish way. Rather, the encouragement you channel my way is turned around and sent to someone else. What goes around comes around. We are making a difference in the world, one person at a time. I don't expect that you would forward all these messages to others in your address book, but when you do, God is glorified and others are encouraged. I am so humbled to know God is using me to lift up another person, regardless of how insignificant one may perceive it to be. Your quality of life is important to me. I do pray for you and I do want you to live in peace.
I am including for you a comment  regarding yesterday's message.  I am so thankful to hear from this dear lady and to share her peace with you.  She and I live on opposite sides of the country and have never met in person.  I surely do consider her a sister in Christ.  We have grown together spiritually since we met on the internet several years ago.  I am also including her prayer request for a friend of hers.  May God bless Sharon in ways we can not even imagine at this moment.  Believe in miracles.  Expect miracles.  God is in the business of performing miracles.  The dominant thought wins.  Make yours a positive one today.
Take care and know you are all in my thoughts and prayers. 
Love, Nan

Thank you for sending me this Calendar. It has so much meaning to me. After many years of difficulties and challenges, I am now in a place where I feel comfortable, calm, and peaceful. And while situations still upset me, I go to the Lord more quickly than I did in the past. This verse from Proverbs has echoed in my heart - especially the last two verses - countless times through the years.
I sent this day's Calendar on to a friend of mine, Sharon, who needs prayer. She needs a hysterectomy, is facing foreclosure, and doesn't know how she will survive financially after getting the surgery since she is self-employed and feels she can't get any kind of disability. Please pray for her. If you could send this prayer request on to others, I'd appreciate it. Thank you. Rose

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