Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Peace and Joy

What wonderful peace and joy come into our heart and soul when we know Jesus has made us whole.

It is the most awesome feeling in the world to know that I am, indeed, whole. It wasn't always so. I remember a long time ago, before I met Allen, I lived through a time in my life when I was just a shell of a person. With Allen's love and encouragement, I began to grow and blossom. Mr. Bob was the angel from God who helped me through my growth spurts. A number of years ago, I realized that my spirit had finally healed and I had grown enough in my faith to the point of being whole again. I love Allen with all my heart and soul. He and his wonderful family are a blessing from God. None of the good things in my life would have been possible without Jesus abiding in my heart.

Yes, there will be trials in life that lead us to the point of feeling empty inside if we dwell on the negative aspect of the trials long enough. I know some of you are hurting inside and may feel the void in your life that nothing else has been able to fill. It is the deliberate development of an intimate relationship with Jesus for which you've been searching. You may not have even realized it at the time. Satan will try to cover your ears from hearing the truth. This is why I tell you the importance of being among a body of believers on a continual basis. Jesus and your church family, collectively, will help to strengthen you more than you can imagine.

I can't say that I am always happy, but I do have peace and joy in my heart. Happiness is fleeting, but joy clings to the spirit. Take care, dear friends. I pray for peace and joy in your heart and soul. Love, Nan

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