Sunday, January 16, 2011

The order of the day

Lord, grant us wisdom and discernment to keep our lives in order according to your will. Amen

The dominant thought wins.  It is best to begin each day with quiet time of praise and worship.  How the early hours of our day are spent plays a major part on how the rest of the day unfolds.
We need to keep our thoughts in check and make sure to ask God to renew our hearts daily, to search our hearts and our thoughts to keep us from all impurity.  Sometimes, we fall short and when we realize our shortcomings, go before God and repent.  Then we are able to accept forgiveness and give thanks to God for not punishing us, for bestowing upon us his mercy and grace.
With each new day, we live more at peace when we recommit our lives to the Lord as we walk in God-confidence rather than self-confidence.
Confident trust in the Lord is vital regardless of the present trials that come our way.  Through our patient endurance we will receive all that God has promised us.
Remember, it's not about us.  It is about God and not simply about our own good.  As we daily lift up others in prayer, lifting them up spiritually, physically and emotionally, we are, in fact, praising God and trusting him with their lives.  As much as we love our immediate family members and extended family God loves them more.
Pray coninually and give thanks in all circumstances.
Enjoy this beautiful day God has given you and use it to honor and glorify his holy name.
Love, Nan

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