Saturday, January 15, 2011

Soulful Retreat

A quote from Miriam Rockness (Keep These Things, Ponder Them in Your Heart) as printed in the book by Sheila Walsh entitled (Bring Back the Joy)
I am depleted.....The well has run dry!....
I know what has gone wrong.  I have continued to give out without renewing my inner resources.  Can one breathe out without breathing in?  I need to draw apart from everyone, everything, and nourish my soul.  I've told myself solitude is a luxury I can't afford.  But my poverty of spirit declares solitude as necessary for my soul as food is for the body.  Solitude.   A time to remove myself from distraction.  To order my day.  My week.  My life.  To get in touch with myself. With my Maker.

When I have been away from my computer of late, it has been for numerous reasons, of which I will spare you the details.  Suffice it to say, I live each day doing the best I can to obey God in my prayer I pray...."Lord, lead me, guide me, and direct me in all I say and do so that my words and my actions are pleasing unto you."  Sometimes, that means I am to say less when God directs me accordingly in order to hear more clearly.  Allen's grandfather used to say "if you keep your mouth shut and your ears open, you just might learn something."  I can relate his quote to my Nan's Calendar ministry.  Sometimes, I have to be still and quiet and that means being away from the computer, being away from distractions in order to draw closer to God.
God gives me strength, comfort, peace.  All of these are intangibles that are priceless.  Because I talk much of the day with patients on the phone and in the office, sometimes I am mentally drained by the time I get home in the evening.  I'm on the computer much of the day scheduling appointments and I appeciate being away from the computer in the evenings.  Sometimes I have to step away from the computer and draw inward to meet God on a deeper level. 
Have you had a soulful retreat lately to nourish your spirit?  I have.  I am refreshed and renewed.
Take care and whatever time of day or evening it is where you are now, have a good day; have a good evening; have strength, comfort and peace.
Love, Nan

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