Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Divine Healing Energy

All around you at this moment is divine healing energy.  The very atmosphere is charged with it.  If you will practice faith, you can be healed of ill-will, inferiority, fear, guilt, or any other block which impedes the flow of recreative energy.  Power and efficiency are available to you if you will believe.
Dr. Norman  Vincent Peale

This quote comes from Dr. Peale's book entitled A Guide to Confident Living.  I have learned so much from this incredible man over the years and want to share this quote with you today, simply because I believe.  I believe, because I know of the healing I have experienced within my own soul of inferiority, fear, guilt, etc, as I practiced faith to the extent I was able at the time. The more often I practice faith, the stronger faith becomes.
I believe for you and I believe in you.  I believe in the person you are becoming.  You are a work in progress, as am I.  I wish you could see the paper covering on the outside of the book.  It is colored with age and is tattered.  I purchased it from my local Goodwill store quite some time ago.  As I sat here at my computer this morning, I looked across the room at my bookshelf and I was drawn to this book.  In trusting God that something from this book would provide the backbone of today's message, I began to read and then my heart leapt in my chest when I read the quote I share with you.  This is one of God's messages for you today.
Have a wonderful day and believe!  Love, Nan

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