Monday, March 21, 2011

The Heart of God

To grieve the heart of  God is to live a self-centered, bitter, unforgiving, ungrateful existence.  Not one person on the face of the earth is perfect.  We are all a work in progress and most of the time, our own perception of self is that we are doing the best we can do, given the circumstances.  However, there are also times we know deep down inside we're not doing the best we can do.  The display of a negative attitude, lack of motivation, the woe is me syndrome, are the opposite of approaching the challenges of life prayerfully, faithfully, expectantly, and with a heart for serving the Lord and others.
As I participate in life, I keep my ear tuned for messages from God as to how I can better serve Him and show His love to the world.  Sitting here at my computer I ask God to speak to me in a way so as to encourage people from all walks of life, regardless of their age, gender, education, background of faith, because I have a burning desire in my heart to reach people for the Lord.  Everyone needs encouragement and I give it with a happy heart.
I live life on purpose, for a purpose and with a purpose, that being, to live for God, to glorify Him in every way, in every circumstance, and to serve Him gladly.  God deserves my undivided attention and as I write these love notes, so do you deserve my undivided attention.  He has something important to say to each one of you.  The Lord knows I am a vessel He can use.  So whenever you read a message I have written, know that the love of God is written all over it.  When you sense God's presence and influence in my words, your heart opens and your mind is alert, absorbing the love of God.
There was a time I would have thought it impossible that God would call me as a disciple and to speak to others of His love and compassion.  I have grown so much in my faith and at some point, although I don't know when it happened exactly, I took the "im" out of impossible.  Had I not taken "im" out of the word, which I translate to "I'm", your need for encouragement would not have been served.  "I'm" refers specifically to self.  When I take myself out of the equation, anything is possible.  When I put God in the center of the equation, where He belongs, all things are possible!  Nothing is impossible!  That word should be removed from the dictionary as well as from your vocabulary.  I certainly want to warm your heart and in so doing, I warm the heart of God.  Which do you believe is better, to grieve the heart of God or to warm His heart?  The answer is an easy one.  So let it be.
Take care and have a wonderful day!  Love, Nan

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