Monday, March 28, 2011

Take Me To Them Lord

I have a prayer journal that dates back to July 2004 when we lived in Virginia and Allen was still stationed with the Air Force in the Middle East.  My prayers are dated and continue from the time we lived in Virginia to Florida and here to North Carolina.  The last entry in my journal was written in March 2009! I am amazed at the date!  I can barely believe it has been two years since I prayed that prayer and wrote it down!
I want to share with you an excerpt from one of my prayers in my journal.

January 20, 2005
Most Gracious Heavenly Father,
Thank You for the peace I feel in my heart.  Lord, I want to somehow teach people that they, too, can feel a sweet peace in their hearts that only You can put there.  Take me to them Lord.  In Your name I pray.  Amen

February 9, 2005
Dear Lord,
My life is in Your hands to mold me as You please.  I want to serve You and praise Your holy name.  I don't know what the future holds or even the rest of this evening, but I know that regardless of the work You have before me to do, You are with me and will uphold me.  Give me the courage and strength to do with a willing and happy heart that which will be pleasing to You.  In Your precious name I pray.  Amen

You're probably wondering why I chose to share these prayers with you today.  It's very simple.  The message God wants to bring you through my prayers is that He will prepare you when you don't know you are being prepared.  Really, all my life God has been preparing me and continues to do so even to today.  He will prepare me each and every day for whatever it is He wants me to do.  Before I leave my house, I am prepared and equipped!  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!
As I prayed those prayers in 2005, I had a willing heart to serve the Lord.  I hadn't even written my first poem at that time!  I had never heard of Quentin Clingerman, the originator and administrator of!  In July 2005, I sent my first poems to him and have continued writing poetry since that time.  I write from my heart.  Que is such a valuable friend and means more to me than words can express.  I thank God for bringing us together.
It was August 1, 2007 when I began Nan's Calendar in its simplest form.  God knew even then that you would be reading this message today.  I am a vessel God can use, and use me he does!
I am so excited as to how God will use you in service to His kingdom!  I would love to hear your story!
Nan, God is using me...........!
Take care and may God richly bless you this day!  Love, Nan

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