Friday, April 15, 2011

F ellowship U ndermines N egativity

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.
Dale Carnegie

There is much that can be said about fun.  As I sat here a minute ago thinking of how today's message is developing in my mind, I thought of an acrostic for the word fun.

F ellowship
U ndermines
N egativity

Fellowship Undermines Negativity.  Think about it.  Fellowship means companionship.  It is a mutual sharing.  It is a group of people with the same interests.  It need not be with a large group of people, however.  When we're really having fun, we are usually in the company of at least one other person and enjoying the same activity.  At that moment, we have something in common and laughter is usually a part of that time of fellowship.  Allow fun and fellowship in your life today.

I have a friend I recently met for breakfast.  As we sat in the restaurant, we shared a meal together and we talked about so many things.  Before we knew it an hour had passed.  We had so much fun in that hour!  Simply being with her was fun.  I loved the sparkle in her eyes and the way her face lit up when she smiled.  The sound of her voice is beautiful and it was music in my ears to hear her laughter.  I learned things about her and I learned other things I didn't know.  This time of fellowship was precious to me. She is precious to me.  I don't remember one negative thought that could have crossed my mind the whole time we were together in fellowship.

Yes, I can have fun by myself and I can be my own companion in a sense.  God didn't intend for us to be alone.  Sure, solitude is important and necessary, but remember to keep it all in proper perspective and proper balance and you'll be amazed at how much better you feel in fellowship with another in a small group setting or in a larger setting when the time is right.   Allow yourself to have fun!

I'm alone right now as I sit here typing this message, but I'm having fun.  I'm having fun because I'm thinking of the many people I know who will read these words of mine.  Thinking of you brings a smile to my face.  I'm having fun because I'm in the company of the Lord right now!  I'm alone, but I'm not lonely.  I pray for those who are lonely.

I'm beginning to think that God really intended today's message to be more about reaching the lonely.  God wants you to to have fun.  Whatever is holding you back is something that only you and the Lord can know.  Grief can hold us back; fear of being hurt can hold us back.  When we're lonely, we're missing someone who is not with us.  Allen and I know about loneliness.  He was stationed in Istanbul, Turkey for a year and then again for a year in the Middle East.  We both had work to do and people to be around, but we were lonely for each other.  I remember sitting in a church full of people on Mother's Day 1995 and I felt completely alone.  I had, at that moment, built a wall around myself without even realizing it.  I missed Allen so much it hurt.  It was important for me to be in that church rather than spend the day at home.  I had to reach out beyond my self in order to move beyond the aloneness I felt.  It was temporary.   I got through it and I moved on and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Perhaps you know who you're lonely for and another person may be lonely for someone they haven't even met yet.  As you allow yourself to have fun in the midst of being lonely, the loneliness disappears.  The whole body, mind and spirit are involved when we're having fun.  Having fun has healing components all wrapped up in one package.  The body is positively energized when we're laughing.  The mind is refreshed and the spirit nurtured.  Yes, life can be serious, but we can still allow ourselves to have fun.  I believe it is not disrespectful, in the midst of the grieving period to have fun.  I believe, also, that when others see us having fun, they are drawn to us.  Remember, negative energy draws negative to itself and positive energy draws positive to itself.  Being in the company of others sharing mutual interests is healthy and important for our growth and development.

Let yourself relax and have fun today.  Fellowship undermines negativity.  It's a beautiful day.  Don't waste one minute of it!  Today is a gift from God.  Believe you will have fun today and then do it!  Have fun!  Take care.  Love ya! Nan

P.S.  Now I'm going to have fun getting ready for work!

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