Monday, May 9, 2011

Bring on the music

Perhaps if words are mind to mind, music is soul to soul.
Sheila Walsh

I love the music I hear in church.  It isn't only the lyrics I love.  It is truly the music itself.  I have attended a lot of churches over the years and I know when my spirit leaps in my chest from experiencing soul stirring music.  One thing I treasure about the location of my Sunday School class is its proximity to the choir room.  It's a big church and I've never been in the choir room, but as we have our class, we can hear the choir rehearsing and sometimes, as we are involved in a very profound part of the lesson, we hear what sounds like a choir of angels singing above our heads and the music is breathtaking.  So, before we even enter the sanctuary to prepare for the sermon, we have had the pleasure of a "preview" of the wonderful music we will hear for a second time in the sanctuary.
Music prepares our soul for God to speak to us and music releases whatever is inside of us, whether we are full of grief or joy.  I thank God for the gift of music.  If you haven't listened to some beautiful music lately, do yourself a favor and allow yourself the quiet time to experience God through soothing, relaxing, music.  As well, music can be invigorating and very stimulating, prompting us to become motivated and activated.    There are so many amazing types of music that I can't recommend one over the other.  Some prefer classical while others prefer jazz.  As nimble fingers float across the keys of a piano, peace and joy float through the spirit, lifting it.  When the spirit is lifted higher than the ego, amazing things happen!

Let us come before Him (God) with thanksgiving and extol Him with music and song.  Psalm 95:2

Make beautiful music a part of your day today!  Love, Nan

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