Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Prayer from a Pray-er

Most Gracious Heavenly Father,
I come to you today to give You thanks and praise.  You are holy God.  You are compassionate and just.  I come to you as a humble servant who is so thankful to be alive and to know whose I am.  I am Yours, Lord, mind, body and soul.  All that I am, is because of Your love for me.  Thank you, Lord, for all the things I don't have.  As I accept responsibility for those times I fail You, Lord, please forgive me when I fall short.  I pray for all the peoples of the earth, that You will instill Your Godly wisdom to all who are willing to accept it.  It is not for worldly wisdom I ask.  You have drawn clear lines between right and wrong.   Worldly wisdom tries to ignore You and cross those lines.   I pray, Lord, for Your Holy Presence to cover the earth like a mist over the ocean so that through these continuing storms and destruction, the world will turn back to You.  Lord, there is so much negativity and destruction in our world today.  As the people in Japan deal with the aftermath of the great storms they endured, and as the people of America hide from the storms raging across our land this very day, Lord, I trust You to be with them, giving them a sense of calm as the storms cause mass destruction and lives are lost.  Grant to them, wisdom and courage, those who will have to rebuild from the ground up after their homes and businesses were swept away into the winds of recent tornadoes.  I ask for strength, compassion, wisdom and love for all those who are caught up in the midst of suffering and strife.  Above all, Lord, when we have absolutely nothing else, thank You, that we have You.  You are truly all we need.  For those who are sad, sick, and suffering, I pray Your hand be upon them.  I pray for the professionals who treat the sick, whether they are sick in mind, body or spirit.   Give these professionals the wisdom and the skills necessary to bring about healing.  Lord, I pray for Your will to be done.  If some should have to suffer in order to serve a purpose known only to You, I pray for their character to be strengthened and others to come closer to You as a result of witnessing Your power and Your love shown through the lives of the ones suffering.   Dear Lord, I pray for the leaders of the nations, from the local level to the highest positions on earth for wisdom that comes only from You to make objective, sound decisions in service to Your people.  I pray, Lord, for those who don't know You, who haven't accepted Your Son, Jesus as their Savior.  I pray for their families, to love them through this time of unrest in their souls.  Lord, it may be that some will not enter the gates of Heaven.  Only You know who will come in and abide with You for all eternity and who will live for eternity in hell.  I pray, Lord, for all of our men and women serving in the armed forces and their families.  Be with them, giving them strength and endurance as they serve us to preserve our freedoms.  Lord, I don't ask for financial aid for myself or for anyone else.  Rather, God, I ask for wisdom that we will all use the monies You provide in intelligent, thoughtful ways, to be honest in our endeavors and to ask for a discerning heart to understand Your will.  I pray for all those who travel on land, over the seas and through the air.  Be with them, protecting them and those around them.  Lord,  I trust You and Your legions of angels to guard us and guide us all.  You are good and loving to all of us even when we don't deserve Your love, mercy, grace and compassion.   Be with us this day.  Lead us, guide us and direct us in all we say and do so that our words and our actions are pleasing unto You, most Holy, Lord God of all.  In Your precious name I pray.  Amen

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