Monday, July 18, 2011

A Better Life

You will also declare a thing and it will be established for you.
Job 22:28

Whoever believes that those things he says will come to pass, he will have whatever he says.
Mark 11:23

I can only write of what I know is true.  A long time ago, I looked death in the face and wanted to live.  I not only wanted to live, I wanted a better life than the one I was living.  At that time I was 23 years old.  Negative things were happening all around me, but I knew I had to live, not only for myself, but because, somehow, someway, God had plans for my life and I knew if I gave in to chronic negative thinking, I would not live to find out His purpose for me.  I remember talking passionately to God saying "God, I know there has to be a better life than the one I'm living.  I want that life, Lord.  I want to live the life You want me to live.  I want to be loved the way You want me to be loved. "   God knew that if I succumbed to chronic negative thinking, I would never enjoy the beautiful life He planned for me.  Faith, hope and love kept me alive and thinking positive thoughts.  Never, never, never, never give up hope.  Even when faith falters and love seems elusive, keep the embers of hope burning in your soul.
My first date with Allen was a blind date (remember, I was 23 years old and had recently left home with only the clothes on my back).  Today, we celebrate a marriage of 27 years, 8 months and 6 days and are living happily ever after.  Thanks to God and to Allen, I have been living a better life for a long time. I thank God and Allen for the two beautiful children we have been blessed to parent.  Ashley and John are the children God knew would be in my future and they are both so precious.  
If you believe that God has plans for you to live a better life than the one you are living today, remember what it says in the book of Mark "Whoever believes that those things he says will come to pass, he will have whatever he says." Remember, however, that verse can apply to negative thinking as well as positive thinking.  Guard your thoughts and your tongue.  We must be careful not to declare that something bad will happen.   Go into your Bible and read Jeremiah 29:11 and keep reading.
All things happen in God's time, not our time.  All we have to do is to keep positive thoughts and believe.  Remember, the dominant thought wins.  Make sure your dominant thoughts are positive ones.  Trust me, I know this is true.
I'm doing more than living a better life.  I'm living my life on purpose.
Take care and know you are loved.  Nan

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