Friday, July 8, 2011

Changing Your Mind

Once in a long while I will come across a simple statement that speaks to me in a lot of ways.  We learn best by repetition, I think.  I'm excited as I sit here typing this message, simply because the sentence I'm about to share with you is a powerful one.  I use the method of particular repetition as a learning tool.  I hope you get as much from it as I did this morning when I discovered it.  As you read the bold, all caps word in each sentence use your most powerful, most confident voice and make sure your tone is a positive one.  Say each sentence out loud and with conviction.  I think it's best to consciously read the words slowly and take your time with each word as you say it.  Remember that even though you see the words in bold and all caps, I'm not yelling at you and you aren't yelling the words.

CHANGING your mind is changing your RELATIONSHIPS.
Changing YOUR mind is changing YOUR relationships.
Changing your MIND is changing your relationships.
Changing your mind IS changing your relationships.
CHANGING your MIND is CHANGING your relationships.
Changing YOUR mind is changing YOUR relationships.

Changing your mind is your choice.

Life is all about relationships.  Since we all know we can't change other people, we can change our own thoughts about them.  When we change our thoughts about them and think of them more lovingly, they become more lovable, simply because we allowed our thoughts about them to change.
God doesn't make mistakes.  He created every living creature on earth and He saw beauty in each one upon its creation.  There is positive energy in beauty and negative energy in ugliness.  You've seen or heard something beautiful and you know how you felt at the time.  You felt positive energy.  You've seen or heard something ugly and you know how you felt at that time.  You felt a negative energy.  Find the beauty in each person you meet and as you do, this positive energy over rules the possibility of negative energy.  Being exposed to chronic negativity can be deadly.  I think of it as a cancer of the mind.  There is a cure for this type of cancer.  By changing your negative thoughts to positive ones, you are protecting your mind from cancerous thoughts that can become cancer of the mind.  Remember, everything in creation began as a thought.  I thank God for His beautiful, creative, positive thoughts.  Think beautiful, creative, positive thoughts.  If I didn't think beautiful, creative, positive thoughts, you wouldn't be reading this message.
I love you.  Nan

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