Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nan's good will bears (the poem)

Nan’s good will bears

By: Nan Forehand
Written on July 18, 2011

It’s easy to do something good and kind
when you’ve got a plan on your mind!
Every gesture of good will begins with a thought.
I know I’m doing exactly what I ought!
Over time I’ve collected teddy bears
and believe me, this lady really cares!
I’m giving away my bundles of joy.
Each teddy is more than just a stuffed toy!
Every one is an expression of love
reminding me of God above!
From the board of directors to the director of staff
They loved my idea, and didn’t even laugh!
To the hospital ER my teddies will go.
My love for little children I want to show!
To provide them comfort and peace,
a teddy will bring them sweet release!
When they are sick or hurt with fear in their eyes
the love of a teddy will silence their cries!
Cuddly and clean, by golly, by gosh;
my friend, Jeff, gave each one a professional wash!
Jeff’s the best dry cleaner in all the land,
always smiling and happy to lend a helping hand!
Each teddy bear has been loved by gentle hands before.
Now these children will take them home and love them even more!
My teddies will serve to remind one and all
It’s good to be loving and kind to people big and small!
Now you know the story of Nan’s good will bears,
all because this lady really cares!
Author’s note: The good Lord provides in abundance!  My collection began with 12 teddy bears and from April until July, has grown to more than 50 bears.  People have also begun to donate bears as word has spread about my plan. Sincere thanks go out to Aurora Tudela, Greta Jordan and Jeff White and the Iredell Memorial Hospital Emergency Room staff.

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