Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Every gesture of good will begins with a thought

Imaging can help you be successful in the areas of goal setting, conviction building, and action taking.

A goal is only a wish or dream until it is written down and pursued.

You must develop the conviction that your goal is achievable.  Do this by building a mental picture of the goal being reached, and run it over and over in your mind.

Once the picture is formed, take the steps your mind tells you are necessary to achieve reality.

At each level on the road to success, an underlying faith in God will remove the worry that can block progress.

All of the quotes I've shared with you today come directly from the book by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale entitled How To to make POSITIVE IMAGING work for you.  I just purchased this book on Monday at the Goodwill store in town.  Somehow I must have had the God-given insight of which Dr. Peale wrote about in this book when I decided to donate my teddy bear collection to the Iredell Memorial Hospital Emergency Room.  In my mind I could see myself finding more bears specifically for this purpose.  I envisioned myself talking to Jeff at the dry cleaners shop.  I envisioned myself taking the teddy bears to the hospital.  All of this happened!
On Friday, July 22nd, I delivered the first 25 bears to the ER and met Greta Jordan for the first time in person.  It was an incredible experience!  My heart was filled with love and joy as I was introduced to the ER doctor, the nurses, and other staff members.  To witness the looks of wonder and support on their faces brought me such joy I can barely describe it.  As a child is given a teddy bear, the parent is given an envelope which holds a copy of the poem I wrote entitled Nan's good will bears.  It's not about me getting credit.  It's about acknowledging the Source of all comfort, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and providing comfort to someone when they need it and least expect to receive it.  While I was there, two children in the ER were given teddy bears.  They had been involved in a car accident.
I envision receiving boxes of teddies coming to my office as people are encouraged to participate in this endeavor to bring a soft, cuddly touch of comfort to sick and injured children.  I have faith that by the grace of God more teddy bears will come and we will continue to share the love of God with more children and their families.  This excites me immensely!   Remember, every gesture of good will begins with a thought.  Take it from there and make your gesture of good will a reality.  Action required  :)
Have a wonderful day!  Love, Nan
P.S. Scroll down this page to see a photo of one of these special teddies.

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