Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Citizenship - Philippians 3:20-21

Quote of the Day
Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die.
Joe Luis

(20) But our citizenship is in heaven.  And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, (21) who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body.
Chapter 4:1 Therefore, my brothers, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, that is how you should stand firm in the Lord, dear friends!

 It's the middle of the night and God woke me up to write this message for you.  Had I awaken at my usual time, this may not be the message of the day.  It's a mystery.  Both Allen and John are peacefully sleeping and Mr. Kitty is in from the cold, happily snoozing in the chair next to me.  All is peaceful and quiet around me.  I've been led to a book I recently bought at the nearby Goodwill store.  It's called Love, Medicine, and Miracles by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.  It is a fascinating book.
The few pages I've read have brought about a particular thought of mine.  It's not a new thought, but one God wants me to share with you now.
I'm not afraid to face the day of my death.  Yes, I do want to go to heaven, but I'm not afraid to die.  There was a time when I couldn't say that.  I was 12 years old when one of my sisters died at the age of 21 and I was 16 years old when my brother died at age 20.  Not long after my brother died, I made the connection of their age at death;  she, 21, and he, 20.  From the time I was 16 until I was 23, I was afraid I would follow the number pattern of their death; either I would die in my 19th year or I would die in my 22nd year.  I thought a death pattern had been formed and I would be next.  That is a long time to be afraid of death.  I breathed a sigh of relief when I reached my 23rd birthday, only to leave home at 23 with the clothes on my back, in fear I would be killed (there was abuse in the home-not spoken of until many years later).  I was determined I was going to live.   All those years of living in fear, took their toll, but my will to live was so strong, I overcame the fear of death. 
Our minds do control our physical body.  I want to live a very long, healthy life, serving God and praising him all my days.  Every day I live and breathe is a day I didn't believe would happen when I was in my teens and early 20's.  I am not controlled by the fears of my youth. 
If anything from your youth has a hold on you, let it go.  Overcome it.  Rise above it.  Prove it wrong.  If it was something someone said or did, it can't have power over you if you release it.  If it's something you said or did, forgive yourself and let it go once and for all.  Hold on to it and it owns you. 
There is incredible power in our thoughts.  I encourage you to think  positive, healthy thoughts.  I pray for an abundance of positive influence in your life right this minute.  Because you are reading this message, God knows who you are and he knows my heart.  I want only the best, most positive influences to remain in your own life.  I want all the negative, painful memories you have stored up, to fade away from your memory.  Those negative images in your mind will be erased by God when you believe he has the power to do just that.  I believe he has the power to use me for his purposes and that I will fulfill his purposes for my life.
Yes, I want to go to heaven, and no, I'm not afraid to die.  I believe my citizenship is in heaven. The day that the last breath leaves my body, will be the day I enter through heaven's gate, Lord willing.  I like the body  I'm in right now.  It's a perfectly good body; though it isn't perfect, it's good enough.  I believe when I die, I will be transformed and God will give me a new body. 
Every day is a blessing and and a gift.  Don't take this day for granted.  Enjoy it to the fullest.  Don't waste one precious minute of it on trivial things.  If you have fears, face them and then let them go.  I only speak of what I know and of what I am sure. 
And now, may the grace of God which surpasses understanding be with you now and always.
Love, Nan

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