Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dare To Share - Hebrews 15:15-16

Quote of the Day
When I fall, You are there to pick me up.  When I'm weak, You are strong for me.  When I'm in trouble, You help me through.  When I am sorrowful, You console me.  Thank You for being so good.
How can I repay You, Lord?  I will spread Your goodness to others, in Jesus name.
Anita Corrine Donihue from her book entitled When I"m Praising God

(15) Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise - the fruit of lips that confess his name.  (16) And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Today was an awesome day at the office.  It was non-stop and fast paced all day.  It was a day of split second decisions.  It was a day of sharing the Good News of God with others in very special ways.  There was a time in my life when I was practically obsessed with the fear of failure; the fear of saying the wrong things or of not saying anything at all when I should (about anything at all).  I was so shy and introverted it wasn't even funny.  It was really quite pitiful.  I was a shell of a person back then.  Because of God's love and grace I overcame those insecurities and perceived inadequacies.  I can't tell you when I dared to open my mouth and publicly praise God.  It was such a subtle transformation that it probably wasn't evident to those around me. 
Now, I dare to share, boldly, yet tenderly with others who need a word of encouragement and validation.  There are so many people in our presence every day who are reaching out for something positive and a reason to hope for a better day, a better job, better relationships, a better life.
Be that disciple that I know you are becoming and dare to share the Good News.  If you already are doing the work for the Kingdom of God, I salute you.  If you are called, but are insecure as to what you should share, don't worry.   God will direct you according to the needs and circumstances of the opportunity.  Be the vessel God can and will use to lift the spirits of those in your communities, individually or in groups, in whatever way God leads you.  I've included a song from Youtube today for you called Trust and Obey.  It is a beautiful hymn I learned in my youthful days in my Mama's church.  Enjoy!
Take care and have a wonderful day.  "Share and share alike, and do it with a happy heart," my Mama used to say!  Love, Nan

A Vessel God Can Use
By: Nan Forehand

Much can be said
about the thoughts inside a head.
God gave us the ability to choose
whether to be good or to abuse.
A choice to trust and obey
walk with Him all the way.
Never to turn and run
His holy will be done.
He has smiled upon me;
mended my heart and set me free.
Rise to a brand new day
completely willing to say
I am a vessel You can use.
Outstretched arms
surrendered to him
choose to be inconvenienced and interrupted.
Don’t let your soul be corrupted.
Be a vessel God can use.
This is the best choice to choose.
Ask God for the insight
to know when the time is right.
Be ready to help another
in Christ a sister or brother.
When God directs you into someone’s life
be there to ease their strife.
Love and support extended
your efforts will be commended.

submitted to July 5, 2005

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  1. Thank you Nan. It's been an up and down day in my life. I needed to come to your calendar for refreshment and to get in touch with God. Nothing's wrong, just some old memories uncovered. Bless you.