Sunday, December 20, 2009

May I Have This Dance? Psalm 149:3

(3) Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with tambourine and harp.

Please take a moment to listen to the youtube video (I Am The Lord Of The Dance) shown at the right I have provided to go along with today's message. 
Some may think of it as a song to be sung during the Easter season, but because it mentions Jesus' birth and because I feel led to share it with you today, it is the song of the day.
I have given much thought as to the dance and our participation in the dance.  Surely, some think they were born to follow and some think they were born to lead.  We were all born to follow God's lead.  Life truly is like a dance.  When we don't follow God's lead, we struggle and are awkward in our movements.  Sometimes, we're too focused on ourselves.  Sometimes, we do step on His toes.  Sometimes, we take one step forward and stumble on our two left feet and take three steps backwards, falling to the floor.  Somehow, we don't seem to hear the music.  (All of this comes from our own imagination creating negative images in our minds.)
However, allowing God to lead us in the dance brings more fluid movement and more joy than we can imagine, leaving us breathless and exhilirated at the end of the dance.  Some of us would rather sit out the dance and blend into the wall as a wall flower, too afraid to lift our hands up to Him and accept his invitation.  It takes courage to accept His invitation, leaving all hesitation behind.
In order to dance with the Lord we must be in His presence.  Learn more about His movements and His style by spending time in His Holy Word.  Dancing with Him involves being close enough to touch Him.  It's hard to hold hands with Him when standing there with clenched fists.  There is no such thing as "try"; either you dance with Him or you don't.  Dance, just dance.  Clear your mind of everything but the Lord and this beautiful dance. There is no one else on this dance floor, just you and God; no one watching; no one listening; just you and God.  Take His hands as He holds them out to you.  Feel the incredible warmth as your hands complete the embrace.  Let Him do what He does best.  He will lead you in the dance.  You will dance as you have never danced before.  It's beautiful and intoxicating.  As you relax into His arms and His movements, it is as if you become one with Him, no longer afraid; no longer worried about your own performance; simply dancing and following His lead.  You never have to dance alone again.  Dance, dance, where ever you may be.
Love, Nan

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