Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Without Thought of Recompense

One is seldom urged to show love when one feels unloved....one feels unloved when one has not shown enough love to those around them!  The only way around is to love without thought of recompense. 
Constance Davis Balan

I'm fully aware my last message was written on March 31st.  I have been putting longer hours in my office of late, all in the name of progress.  By the time I would get home in the evening, I was mentally exhausted.  When I write a message to you, I want to be fresh and in a proper frame of mind to send you a message worthy of your time.   I've also heard it said "do the right thing because it is the right thing to do."  It was the right thing to do to go in early and work later than usual.  There are a lot of other factors involved, of which I will spare you the details.  I had no ulterior motive, (no preconceived plan ahead of time) such as a desire to make overtime,( in other words, adjusting my hours in order to make more money).  This, in fact, is a temporary situation which required more of my attention; my time; and my energy.  My integrity is intact and I did my job with a happy heart. 
Whatever you do in life, do it with no thought of recompense.  Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, even when no one is looking, because Someone (God) is always watching. 
I write this message tonight, not for everyone, because it doesn't apply to everyone.  I write it because it is the message God put on my heart to write.  Someone out there needs to "hear" it.  Now, do more than hear it.  Apply it each day of your life.  In so doing, your conscience will always be clear and you won't have to defend yourself to anyone as to why you did what you did.  Plus, possibly without realizing it at the time, you become a positive example/positive influence for someone else.
Whether it's day or night in your part of the world, I will say good morning, good afternoon, or good night!  Have a wonderful day/evening and don't waste one precious minute of it!  Love, Nan

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  1. Nan, I understand doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do. If one does that, there will be no regrets later. It isn't easy, as you know. A person gets very tired, but "underneath are the Everlasting Arms!"