Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Desired Haven

When our response to pain moves in harmful direction, we must permit truth to steer us toward safety.  Even when our hearts want to reject the truth, we need to remember that a heart of love is behind all truth, longing to take us to our desired haven.
Author Unknown

I am so thankful God guided me into the mental health field.  Yes, I hear of pain and suffering every day.  I also hear and see the results of a person turning over the pain and suffering to God.  Sometimes this simple act of faith and trust take years to come to pass. 
A lady came for an appointment yesterday who has been seeing the doctor for at least a couple of years.  Probably in her sixties, she looked like a new woman.  She had such a beautiful glow on her face.  Yes, the doctor prescribes mental health medications and they can be very effective and helpful.  They are not the total answer to a person's problems.  Medications of this nature can help, but they can also be very dangerous.  I take my job very seriously, and at the same time, I understand that I don't own others problems.  God put me in this position for a reason that was unclear to me in the beginning.  Now I understand.  God gave me a voice to encourage others and to help bring others closer to Him.  I work in a mission field every day and it is priceless when a patient and I experience God's presence, as was the case yesterday.  This lady and I worshipped the Lord as she shared with me how she has finally let go of the past.  She was able to heal when she stopped picking at her past like a wound that had partially healed.  You get the idea, right.  A wound will heal faster when properly cleaned and medicated.  When picking at the wound becomes an obsession, it can go from bad to worse very quickly.   She picked at this wound for twenty years.  Previously, she was bent over in self pity and had a long history of living in the past, filled with regrets and disappointments.  She had struggled spiritually, emotionally, physically and relationally.  It was a joy to see her and hear of her healing.  She has reached her desired haven, and now, she is able to share what she has learned with others and to encourage them. 
Does this lady's story sound familiar?  If so, share today's message with one who is still picking at the past and needs to stop.  At some point in time, self pity and picking became normal.  Encourage that person to create a new normal, one that is healthy and full of all God has planned, full of hope and peace.  Speaking the truth in love, help that one reach his or her desired haven.  As we carry each other's burdens, God is glorified. 
Take care and have a wonderful day.  Love, Nan

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