Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beautiful And Sweet As Any Rose

A tribute to my loving Mama

Twenty six years ago today my Mama took her last breath on earth.  I can't tell you how long it took for my heart to stop aching and the tears to stop flowing, but my heart did stop aching and my tears have stopped flowing.  I think of her all the time, but with my thoughts there is no bitterness, no sadness, no sorrow, because I know, Lord willing, I will be in her presence again.  Though I can't see her beautiful face right now, she is with me in a very special way and she comforts me, just as the Lord is with me and He comforts me.  The breath left her body, but her spirit lives.  She never got to rock my children when they were babies, but she watches over them. I'm sure of that. 
Not only am I without Mama, I am without a sister and brothers, brother in law, uncles, grandparents, father.  I understand the pain.  If you're currently experiencing the pain of which I speak, I pray God comforts you and gives you peace.  He will take you home when it's your time to go.  While you are still here in this human capacity, reaching beyond the pain to be there for someone else who is hurting will help to ease the pain you experience that is almost to the point of being overwhelming.  Live in the here and now so that your friends and loved ones who are living will experience more of the fullness of you.  You have so much love to give, so give it wholeheartedly and without reservation. 
Sharing stories of your loved one is good.  Laughing is allowed, too.  If your sorrow is so great that it overshadows your joy, give your sorrow to the Lord.  Let faith, hope and love be your guide to finding your joy.  I'm just an ordinary person who cares.  May God bless you and give you peace.  Love, Nan

Beautiful and Sweet as any Rose
by Nan Forehand

Warm and soft
fragrance so sweet
caressed by the morning fair.
Strawberry blonde the color of her hair.
Instead of a thorn in her finger
a needle and thread would linger.
Smile slowly crossed ruby red lips
new calico dress slipped over my hips.
Thank you Lord she witnessed me wed.
Too soon dear Mother was dead.
Beautiful as a velvet rose
A Christian life she chose.
Yes, she’s been gone many years.
Wet cheeks still feel the tears.
Her Lord and Savior she did love
and He took her to His mansion above.
Up from the grave she arose
beautiful and sweet as any rose.
These words and a flower carved on her stone.
Mama now sits by her Master’s throne.
published at July 4th, 2005

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  1. Beautiful, Nan! One of Bill's hospice nurse's favorite stories is of, when joking one day, he said to her, "If you were a better nurse, I'd be getting better." She still laughs about that. "A cheerful heart doeth good like a medicine." I quote from the King James which is what I used in memorizing when young.