Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Refined By The Master's Hand

Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have troubles? I'm sure many of us have thought this at some point. Because we live in a world full of sin, we can be sure troubles will come our way.
We can overcome difficulties and troubling times. It is during these hardships we are strengthened. We don't suffer in vain when we "see" God more clearly as a result of having faith, and when we discover how we are refined by suffering.
I've included a poem I wrote in '05, which is a figurative form explaining how we are refined by our sufferings. Take care. Love, Nan

Refined by the Master’s Hand
By: Nan Forehand

Refined by the Master’s hand
Before Him humbly I stand
Ready and willing, cleansed by His blood
O’r my soul His spirit doth flood.
Held have I been midst hot fire
Flames at me licked higher and higher.
Never His eyes did He take off me.
Burned away all impurity.
Coin of silver shiny and bright
Now God sees Himself in the light.
Not a moment too long in the flames
With His loved ones He plays no games.
If in the heat today you must burn
Upon you His eyes will turn.
One more soul to purify.
It’s found in the book of Malachi.

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